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Advertising with Dorsett Publications

We provide a basic listing and weblink for most miniature resources free of charge as a service to our readers. If you want to make your business stand out, you may want to consider purchasing a panel ad on one of our resource pages. A panel ad will increase your visibility and make your shop or your product stand out.


Ads are based on a combination of width of the column and up to 2.5" in height


Full Width Ad



.........Half Width Ad.........


1/4 Width

1/4 Width



With a few exceptions, the miniature industry is populated by small businesses. We recognize that advertising can be an expensive proposition. For that reason, we are keeping the rates for web advertising as low as possible. All ads run for one calendar year.

Advertisement Size Rate
Full Width Ad column x up to 2.5"
1/2 Width Ad 1/2 column x up to 2.5"
1/4 Width Ad 1/4 column x up to 2.5


Artwork should be submitted to Dorsett Publications in electronic format, either as a pdf or as a jpg or png and should be sent to Dorsett Publications. Given the nature of digital documents, the advertisement can be black and white or color, can include photographs, and it can include links to specific online documents, including videos if you so choose.


We accept advertisements from suppliers and manufacturers, as well as retailers. Advertisements are placed throughout the pages as spacers. We will try to make sure your ad is placed as near as possible to your web listing. If you company ships internationally, please note that in your advertisement. If you have a company website, be sure to include a link in your panel ad. Please use a standard font for the text in the ad. Individual advertisers may purchase up to 4 advertisements. For advertisers who choose not to design their own ads, we charge an additional $50 per ad set-up fee.

Orders and artwork must be submitted by email. All artwork should either be in pdf, jpg, gif, or png format.

For more information, please contact:

Meghan H. Dorsett
Publisher (and chief cook and bottle washer)
Dorsett Publications
630 Depot Street NE
Christiansburg, VA 24073

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