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Note: Over the course of twenty years, The Scale Cabinetmaker included a "Product Review," which was based on the approach taken by Consumer's Report. Products went through a fairly rigorous testing process, and the results were included in the publication. The companies below were included in the TSC's Product Review, although given the age and the time lapse, the products we tested may or may not still be available on the market. Still, the companies listed below merited mention.

A*M*S*I Miniature Landscaping.

Clare-Bell Brass Works.

The Dollhouse Factory.

Dover Publications.

Dover's books fill the shelves to The Scale Cabinetmaker library. Whether you are looking for information on architecture, interior design, periods, or furniture, Dover offers an amazing selection of resources. Through the years, we have relied on Dover for a wide variety of hard-to-find reprints and resources. Discount Dollhouses and Miniatures

" offers a complete line of dollhouse kits, miniature furniture, doll house accessories, and miniature dolls. We also offer hobby tools, paints, adhesives and other dollhouse building supplies."

New England Hobby Supply.

The shop is under new ownership, but they may still offer some of the quality products the Bell's were known for, including the best scale rule for miniaturists on the market. If you are looking for a scale ruler, check with these folks to see if they still have some in stock.

Northeastern Scale Lumber Company In the early 1960's, Helen Dorsett started building miniatures for collectors (the start of Dorsett Miniatures before Dorsett Miniatures was named) and had a difficult time finding scale wood produced specifically for miniatures. As a model railroader, she turned to the one company she was familiar with...Northeastern Scale Lumber Company. In the introduction to "A Retrospective: Helen Dorsett, 1927-1999, Jim Dorsett wrote:

Jim Doyle, the founder of Northeastern Scale Models and a long-time primary supplier of scale woods to the model ship and train hobbies, was asked in 1977 by a reporter for a trade magazine what had persuaded Northeastern in the mid-70's to add 1" scale miniatures lumber to its line of hobby materials. "Well," he replied, "it all began back in the 60's with that woman from Missouri." "That woman" was Helen Dorsett. And what had alerted Jim Doyle to the existence of a nascent miniatures hobby was the publication in 1964 of a book of scale furniture plans, A Cabinetmaker's Guide for Doll House Furniture. This book, the first of its kind in a hobby which had not yet taken on visible organization or numbers, appeared at a time when no industry catered to the needs of the few doll collectors involved in miniatures. So, Helen, drawing on her background as a model railroader, directed her readers to write to Northeastern for modeling wood. With the publication of a second volume of the Guide four years later, the early trickle of inquiries about 1" scale lumber grew to a measureable number. Finally. the emergence of the miniatures hobby in the mid-70's convinced Doyle that the decade of inquiries about materials he had not been ready to supply was no aberation.

Northeastern remains one of the premier suppliers/producers of scale woods. If you are looking for scale woods, this is a great place to start.


Woodline USA. In Volume 6, the editors' at TSC tested out some of the Sun Flag carving tools sold by Woodline. While the particular product is no longer available, Woodline does carry a wide variety of tools appropriate for the miniature craftsman. Their online catalog is well worth the look if you are looking for tools.

X-Acto (House of Miniatures). While other companies are now creating hobby knives that closely resemble those manufactured by x-acto; the x-acto #11 knife was standard on the TSC workbenches.


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