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Marie Heuer

Profile of a Craftsman
The Scale Cabinetmaker: 4:4 (July, 1980)

Marie Heuer: teacher of the craft at one of the hobby's best known shops (Wee "c" Shop in the Chicago area), student of the history of interior design and style, self taught craftsman whose pieces have benn known to Chicago area collectors throughout the 1970s and avid miniaturist who says of her own involvement "I find miniatures to be very exciting, rewarding, most enjoyable and something wI will never be able to stop; I am hooked for life." The author of this issue's "Beginner's Workbench" yet admits that her interest and abilities in miniatures and scale modeling came as something of a surprise to her.

While recovering from an illness in 1972, she happened to read an article on making miniatures and, thinking that it might be fun, began to test her skill in the craft with an upholstered chair. Much to her surprise, it didn't turn out too badly. But that was only the beginning. Needing some pieces for a Victorian room she had strated, Marie visited Donna Cantwell's Wee "c" Shop. But failing to find what she wanted, she turned to leave, mumbling to herself "I guess I'll just have to make it myself." Overhearing that and always on the lookout for talented craftsmen, Donna invited her to bring the finished pieces by the shop when they were done. The orders from the shop which resulted from those first furniture pieces when they wer shown several weeks later launched a career as a commercial craftsman.

Within a year's time, the author's talents were challenged to a further extent when Donna invited her to begin teaching classes in the craft at Wee "c." Since early in 1973 that additional dimension to her involvement has brought classes on furniture, houses, roomes and even how to make a Christmas tree from lycopodium to Chicago area miniaturists. ...

As is true of most scale modelers who are "hooked for life," Marie Heuer describes herself as self-taught. By that she means that "you learn by doing and profiting by your mistakes." And her oing of the craft is evident in teh ten vignettes, eleven rooms, five houses, and uncounted items of miniature furniture which crowd her home. It is evident as well in her continuing historical background research for a series of 18th century homes she has planned, in her lectures and talks promoting the hobby through the Chicago Public Library, miniature club activities, and I believer, her contribution to the "Beginner's Workbench." I hope that the penguin table will be only the first opportunity for TSC readers to benefit from Marie Heuer's multiple talents.




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