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Jane Bernier

Profile of a Craftsman
The Scale Cabinetmaker: 1:4 (July, 1977)

Jane Bernier classifies herself as a "microbibliophile": a lover of small books. As the owner and operator of Borrower's Press, she is the publisher of a series of limited edition books, intended for the collector's market. Every volume in each edition is signed and numbered by her, assuring its identity and uniqueness (a practice, incidentally, encouraged by the editors of TSC for every product of miniatures craftsmanship). The books from Borrower's Press are distributed by mail order and through the attendance by Jane Bernier at various shows throughout the Northeast, where the admiration for her craft has grown increasingly widespread over the past three years.

In addition to her book business, she is also a fiber artist, studying toward a masters degree in Fabric and Clothing Design and specializing in weaving and spinning. If these pursuits were not enough to engage all of her time...setting type, letter press printing, binding, studying and attending classses..her "three and a half year old, very active boy" and the operation of a small farm with several animals would serve to take up the slack.

However, the editors of The Scale Cabinetmaker are pleased that she maintains time for the miniatures modeling hoby. With bifocals adjusted and the proper squint in place, we pick up one of the Borrower's Press editions (Bill of Rights, Longfellow, A Christmas Carol, Star Signs, etc.), open the marbled cover, and read "The earliest known writer on astrology was Claudius Ptotemy..."...We are pleased to welcome this talented artist to the pages of TSC.

One of the most attractive books in the library of The Scale Cabinetmaker is Star Signs from Jane Bernier's Borrower's Press. With its black, half leather binding and richly marbled blue, green, and yellow cover paper, the volume stands out in every setting. It is only one selection from a growing publication list from Jane Bernier's workbench...In this and the previous issue of TSC, the editors have learned the rudiments of bookbinding from Jane, and we are in her debt.

Editor's note: Borrower's Press, Winterport ME, published the micro-books from 1974 to 1987. Many of Jane Bernier's books from Borrower's Press are in the Charlotte M. Smith Collection of Miniature Books in Specials Collections at the University of Iowa.

TSC Articles Written by Jane Bernier

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  • Marbling Paper for Miniature Books: 2:1 (13-14)



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