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Barbara Cosgrove

Profile of a Craftsman
The Scale Cabinetmaker: 3:1 (October, 1978)

Barbara Cosgrove as craftsman brings to the hobby of miniatures a skill in needlework that is shared by many, but Barbara Cosgrove as designer, artist, stuent of the history of carpetmaking, and proprietor of Needleworks in Miniature brings to the hobby a skill that is shared with many but equaled by only a few. Whe she counsels others to observe the designs and patters of rugs and carpets in books, museums, and elsewhere, it is only the expression of the student's itch to know that we hear an expression that is as wide ranging as are the designs in her catalog.

Needleworks in Miniatures, began in 1974 in response to requests for the designs of rugs she had made for her own childhood 1930's house (13 rooms), started with ten rug designs, distributed by mail order. These have grown in four year's time to 44 fug designs in various size options and available in both kit and finished form, a line of high quality needlework supplies, and the recently introduced 14 new designs for chairseats, pillows, stools, pictures, and firescreens (40 mesh silk). The newest addition to this list is the Sarouk, adapted to 18 mono canvas. We admire her talent as an artist and welcome her skill as a craftsman to TSC.


TSC Articles by Barbara Cosgrove

  • A Rug With Few Peers: Graphing and Working a Late 19th Century Sarouk: 3:1 (27-32)


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