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The Scale Cabinetmaker on cd-rom

Published between 1976 and 1996, The Scale Cabinetmaker set the standard for plans, patterns, and tool and technique instructions for the aspiring and experienced miniaturist. In August 1996, Jim Dorsett wrote his "concluding" essay, "Why Scale...and The Scale Cabinetmaker," in which he recounted the 20 plus year span of TSC and described the journal's editorial philosophy and purpose:

By scale modeling we meant the reduced scale reproduction of full scale, or life size, houses, furniture, and related objects. Scale modeling begins with a thorough knowledge of objects in the "real world": not only their characteristics, shape, and details of construction, but their history and social context as well.

The core of the magazine's content would be the presentation of scale modeling plans and directions, coupled with information on the tools and modeling techniques essential to their reproduction. Here we acknowledged that the designer of the plan, the author would have accomplished for the modeler much of the task of measuring the prototype object (the "full sized" piece in the "real world"). But the modeler would still have to be conscious of those proportions and their application to the workpiece. We intended to put a measuring instrument, a tool, a piece of material, and a plan into the hands of the reader, depending on thecombination to work its own magic. And we predicted that the measure of the magazine's success would be the development of its readers beyond its plans to the measurement of the prototype itself, the design of the scale model, and any further dependence on the publication. In effect, the success of the magazine would be measured by the eventual graduation of its readers.

Despite being 30 plus years removed from the genesis of TSC, the content is still as relevant and as useful as it was when it was first published. Each volume listing provides only a partial list of the contents for each volume. Click on the title for a complete table of contents for the specific volume. All plans and patterns in TSC are given in full dimension and the projects are assumed to be 1/12th scale, unless otherwise noted.

The cd-rom versions are in pdf format and should read equally well across different computer platforms (dos, mac, and linex--we haven't tried the cds on unix).


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 1 (1976-1977)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Stanley Whitman House (Farmington, Connecticut),
  • Modern Walnut Folding Chair (Danish Modern),
  • Carving Cabriole Legs,
  • Linear Measurement & Tools,
  • Smithfield Plantation Roundabout,
  • Art Nouveau Parlor Cabinet,
  • 17th Century Gateleg Table,
  • Working with the Dremel Moto-Lathe,
  • Introduction to Handwoven Caning,
  • Leisure Furniture of the Early 1900s,
  • Woodturning with Chisels on a Unimat, and
  • much more

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 2 (1977-1978)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Woodturning on a Metalworking Lathe,
  • Carving Ball & Claw Feet on Cabrioles,
  • Caning a Late Empire Couch;
  • Philadelphia Dressing Table,
  • Form Tools and Woodturning, Sheraton Night Table,
  • Introduction to Stenciling and a Stenciled Cottage Chest (c. 1840),
  • Hidden Wiring in Prefab Miniature Houses,
  • Detailing a Federal Period Row House,
  • Building an All Purpose Shaper/Saw Table,
  • Lighting Shadow to Scale, and
  • Much more.

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 3 (1978-1979)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Planning a Kit-Bashed House,
  • Constructing Balustrades,
  • Victorian Hall Tree,
  • 1877 Bent Wood Sled,
  • 1914 Pedal Car,
  • Making Scale Dowels,
  • Mission Billiard Table,
  • Voltage and Resistance in Miniature Lighting,
  • Late Georgian Room (roombox project by Pete Westcott),
  • Copy Attachment for a Lathe,
  • 1880 Eastlake Rolltop Desk,
  • Making Flutes with a Copy Attachment,
  • Using Calipers, and
  • Much more.

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 4 (1979-1980)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Late Georgian Roombox,
  • Empire Corner Shelf (1739),
  • Helical Fluting With a Copy Attachment,
  • A Guide to Joinery,
  • Turning Slender Spindles,
  • Empire Clocks,
  • Metalworking with Handtools (Popcorn Popper),
  • Simple Lathe Techniques,
  • Spanish Daybed Frame (New Mexico, 1850),
  • Millwork for Miniatures,
  • Building a Wood Surfacer,
  • Combination Folding Bed,
  • Finishing and Finishes,
  • Making a Single Flute Molding Cutter, and
  • Much More

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 5 (1980-1981)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Finishes & Finishing,
  • A Williamsburg Interior (Pete Westcott),
  • A Mounting Table for a Dremel Moto-Tool,
  • An Empire Rocker,
  • Using Figures in Scale Settings,
  • The Nature of Metals,
  • Curved Molding,
  • A Modified Four-Poster Bed,
  • Chippendale Commode Chair,
  • Eastlake Secretary,
  • Victorian Renaissance Center Table,
  • Primer for Plastic,
  • Making Scale Lumber,
  • Hand Turning Tools, and
  • Much more.

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 6 (1981-1982)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Hand Carving with an X-Acto Knife,
  • Danish American Sideboard,
  • 1938 Fiberboard Dollhouse,
  • Operating Tinplate in 1/12 Scale,
  • Making Special Purpose Hinges,
  • Serpentine Table,
  • Queen Anne Fixed Head Day Bed,
  • Fretwork Miniatures,
  • Adapting a Shaper Table for Curved Work,
  • Photographing Miniatures,
  • The Scratch Tool,
  • The Morris Chair,
  • The Store Building (Jack Carpentry in Miniatures),
  • 1900 Clothes Wringer, and Much More.

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 7 (1982-1983)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Wooden Toys for a 19th Century Christmas,
  • Duncan Phyfe Window Bench,
  • Shaper Table Adjustments,
  • 19th Century Mansard Room Store Building,
  • Empire Extension Dining Table,
  • Electric Hand Drill Lathe/Sander,
  • Solution s to Workshop Sawdust,
  • Tricycle Baby Carriage,
  • Multi-Display Workhorse Transformer,
  • An Operating Ceiling Fan,
  • Spinning Wheel,
  • Grinding a Profiling Tool for Wood Turning,
  • 1949 Haywood-Wakefield Modern Bedroom Suite,
  • Two-Sided Photo-etching,
  • and much more.

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 8 (1983-1984)
6 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Building Furniture w/ Commercial Spindles,
  • Casablanca Ceiling Fan with Built-in Motor,
  • Green Window House (Victorian),
  • Chair Leg and Rung Assembly,
  • Cottage Spindle Sofa,
  • Improved Wiring Channel Router,
  • Regulated Power Supply for Miniature Settings,
  • 1930 American Standard Bathroom Fixtures,
  • 1905 Sears, Roebuck Kitchen Range,
  • 19th Century Lady's Desk,
  • 1/4" Italianate Victorian House,
  • Grandfather Clock with Moving Parts,
  • Scale Drawing from a Photo,
  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets,
  • and much more.

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 9 (1984-1985)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Sears 1930 Breakfast Set;
  • Italian Settee;
  • Voltage Drop Resistors and Diodes;
  • 1" and 1/2" Scale Pumps;
  • Carved Canadian Art Nouveau Rocker;
  • How to Locate and Prepare Dowel Joints;
  • A 1930 New England Wood Shed;
  • Built in Gardening Cabinets;
  • Wire Dish Rack;
  • Dremel Drill Press Improvemens;
  • Eastlake Nursing Chair;
  • A Lady's Cylinder Desk;
  • 1/2" Italianate Row House;
  • 1/4" Italianate Depot;
  • Introduction to Brickwork and Brick Bonds;
  • Popcorn Popper;
  • A Gumball Machine;
  • A Circular Staircase;
  • Tool Rest for Small Lathes; and
  • Transformer Basics

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 10 (1985-1986)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • French Paneled Bed;
  • Hand Pumped Vacuum Cleaner;
  • Kneehole Chest of Drawers;
  • Carving Techniques;
  • House Wiring;
  • Garden Furniture;
  • Casting Methods;
  • Step-Top Highboy;
  • French Chest;
  • Dado Routing Fixture;
  • Carved Table;
  • Low Post Rope Bed;
  • Metal Lathes;
  • Sharpening Carving Tools;
  • Cotswold Cottage;
  • Victorian Porch Details;
  • 18th Century Lyre Table;
  • 1/2 Scale Modern Pedestal Desk;
  • Small Metal Lathe;

The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 11 (1986-1987)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Cotswold Cottage
  • Hoover "Model O" Vacuum Cleaner
  • Using a Small Metal Lathe
  • French Canadian Serpentine-Front Corner Cabinet
  • The High-Oven Gas Stove
  • Workbench Magnifier
  • Working Lighted Doorbell
  • Queen Anne Desk
  • Decorative Roof Trim
  • 1931 Monitor Top Refrigerator
  • Victorian Renaissace Seccretary
  • Scale Modeling Awls and
  • much more



The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 12 (1987-1988)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • 1940 Cushman Pennsylvania Piecrust Bedroom Set
  • 1790 Pembroke Table
  • Basic Power Tool Jigs & Accessories
  • Scratchbuilt Window Assembly
  • Scratchbuilt Pedal Jeweler's Saw
  • Drawing Room Grand Piano
  • 1920s Fireless Smoker
  • Bending Hardwood for Miniatures
  • French Canadian Armorie
  • Continuous Arm Windsor Chair
  • Lathe Mounted Dremel Tool Holder
  • Table Saw Taper Jig
  • Lathe Spindle Indexer
  • Vienna Dining Chair, and
  • much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 13 (1988-1989)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Federal Period North Carolina Hunt Board
  • Bending and Veneering
  • Thornet Style Bentwood Rocker
  • Regency-Style Double Gate-Leg Table
  • Lathe Basics
  • Carving Qoquilles, Fns, and Shells
  • 1915 Transitional Gas Range
  • Lazy Susan Apartment
  • Tenons and the Trestle Table
  • Cross-cutting and Ripping with a Scroll Saw
  • Screen Printing Decals and Photographs
  • John Hall Pedestal Centre Table
  • Edison Cygnet Cylinder Phonograph and
  • much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 14 (1989-1990)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Helen Dorsett, a retrospective
  • Wainscot Arm Chair
  • Jacobean Cest with Drawers
  • Arts and Crafts Bedroom Set in Half-Inch
  • Marbled Wood Finishes
  • Shaping, Forming, and Coloring Glass for Miniatures
  • TSC Sanding Surfacer/Thicknesser
  • Chippendale Easy Chair
  • Introduction to Parquetry
  • Lawn Swing
  • 1774 Library Ldder
  • Workshop Ventilation,
  • Georgian Lowboy, and
  • much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 15 (1990-1991)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Georgian Roombox
  • Wooten Secretary
  • Clavichord Dolce
  • Making Mortising Chisels out of Dental Tools
  • 1837 Chaise Gondole
  • EdisonCylinder Phonograph
  • Chicago Chair
  • English Gothic Library Table
  • Barss Csters from Nested Tubing
  • Hand Mitering
  • 1925 Wards Water Queen Washer
  • Early Canadian Washstand, and
  • much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 16 (1991-1992)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • J.J. Deal & Co. Buggy
  • Greene Green Living Room Table & Chair
  • Lathe Turning with a Form Tool
  • Southwestern American Roombox
  • Eastlake Fireplace Mantel
  • Power Controller
  • Beveling Jig
  • New Lebanon Shaker Sewing Desk
  • Folding Reed Organ
  • 18th C. Spanish Gateleg Table
  • Southwest Dining Table & Side Chair
  • Boston Federal Sofa & Easy Chair
  • Late Victorian Washstand,
  • and much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 17 (1992-1993)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Hand-cutting Dovetail
  • Cream separator
  • Moulding & Machining: A Bombe Base
  • Eastlake Roll Top Desk
  • Eastlake Caned Office Chair
  • Tablesaw Mitering Jig
  • Mexican Cabinet
  • Working Draw Drapes
  • J.J. Deal Swell Bodied Cutter
  • Folding Bathtub & Water Heater
  • Victorian Cottage Bedroom
  • Bow Front Cabinet, and
  • much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 18 (1993-1994)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Wall Hung Miniatures Display Case
  • Working Platform Freight Scale
  • Regency Library Chair & Steps
  • Computer Graphics: Creating Tile Floors and Linoleum Rugs
  • Twenty-foot Extension Ladder
  • Kitchen Base and Wall Cabinets
  • Shaker Writing Desk
  • Techniques for Intricate Applied Carvings
  • 1920s Dining Room Suite
  • Late Victorian Folding Yacht Chair
  • Welsh Cuboard, Huntboard & Table
  • 1925 Elite Kitchen Gas Range,
  • and much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 19 (1994-1995)
4 Issues. Regular Price: $24.00

  • Modeling 1 & 2 point perspective
  • Haywood Wakefield Modern Dining Set
  • Sears Truphonic Phonograph
  • Scale Modeling with Hand Tools
  • Carved 20th Century Bed
  • Furniture Finishing
  • Hand and Machine Cut Dadoes and Rabbets
  • Upright Grand Piano
  • 1802 Chippendale Chest-on-Chest
  • 1920s Lady's Vanity & Bench
  • General Store Cracker Barrel
  • and much more


The Scale Cabinetmaker: Volume 20(1995-1996)
2 Issues & Helen Dorsett's English Country Kitchen Furniture.
Regular Price: $24.00

  • Inglenook Room
  • Chippendale Breakfast Table
  • Melbourne Chair
  • Japanese Toilet Stand
  • Bungalow Furniture:
  • Fireside Bench
  • Library Table & Chair
  • Fern Stand
  • Sofa
  • Davenport Table
  • Turned Platform Rocker
  • Morris Chair
  • Helen Dorsett's English Country Kitchen Furniture


The Cabinetmaker's Guides

In 1964, Helen Bennett Dorsett published the first of what would become a 10 book series, The Cabinetmaker's Guide to Dollhouse Furniture: Victorian. Many of the patterns included in that first and second books were based on the furniture in her mother's house in Peabody, Kansas. The Guides provide enough patterns, in a specific style, to fill a two bedroom dollhouse, including a livingroom or parlor, a dining room or a kitchen, and two bedrooms. All plans and patterns, with the exception of the Half Inch Book, are in inch to the foot (1":1') scale. Each plan includes a bill of materials, so you can order the supplies you need without having to guess.

A final note about the Guides. There are very few duplicate patterns between The Cabinetmaker's Guides and The Scale Cabinetmaker. The development of the initial Guides (Volumes 1 and 2) predate The Scale Cabinetmaker. While the others were developed while TSC was being published, they were and remain separate publications.

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 1) 19th Century Country Furniture
Regular Price $14.00

Lamp Shelf , Clock Shelf;, Spice Shelf, Wall Shelf; Victorian Whatnot; Trestle Table & Bench; Trestle Lamp Stand; Round Parlor Table; Drop Leaf Table; Kitchen Windsor Side Chairs; Transitional Caned-Seat Side Chair; Shaker-type Rocker; Slab Seat Rocker; Upholstered Wing Chair; Kitchen Dresser; Tin Paneled Pie Safe; Dry Sink; Cottage Bedroom Dressers; Cottage Bedroom Washstands; Cottage Spool-turned Sofa; Transitional Low-Post Bed; Cottage Clock; Cottage Panel Bed; and Franklin Stove.

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 2): Victorian Furniture (1850-1880):
Regular Price $14.00

  • RENAISSANCE BEDROOM FURNITURE: Renaissance Night Stand, Renaissance Dresser, Renaissance Bed, Renaissance Commode
  • COTTAGE BEDROOM FURNITURE: Cottage Waterstand, Cottage Bed, Cottage Dresser , Night Stand
  • ROCOCO PARLOR SET: Lady's Chair, Gent's Chair, Loveseat No. 1, Loveseat No. 2, Side Chair, Parlor Table, Oval Parlor Table, Upholstered Rocker;
  • Cottage Slipper Box; Scroll-Bracket Corner Whatnot; Renaissance Round End Sideboard; Transitional Side Chair; Dining Table

Volume 3: Jacobean and William & Mary Furniture
Regular Price: $14.00

  • SECTION I: General Construction Methods and Terms.
  • SECTION II: PLANS: Seat Back Side Chair; Seat Back Arm Chair; Brewster-Type High Chair; Carver Side Chair; Carver Arm Chair; Joined (Or Joint) Stool: Wainscot Chair; Cromwellian Chair; Slot & Pin Candle Pin: 17th Century Form or Bench; 17th Century Stretcher Table; Trestle Stand: Turned Trestle Stand; Turned Cross-Base Candle Stand: Chamfered Cross-Base Candle Stand; William & Mary Desk On Frame; Six Board Chest; Cradle; Rail and Stile Blanket Chest; William & Mary Blanket Chest: Hudson Valley Hutch Table; South Jersey Settle; North Shore Dresser; Under Eaves Bed; Trundle Bed; Tester Bed; and William & Mary Wing Chair.

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 4): Queen Anne Furniture (1720-1755)
Regular Price: $14.00

  • SECTION I: General Construction Methods and Terms.
  • SECTION II: PLANS: Side Chair; Parrot Back Chair; Arm Chair; Newport Slipper Chair; Upholstered Wing Chair; Upholstered Sofa; Tilt Top Table; Candle Stand With Wind Shield Tea Table; Sideboard; Breakfast Table: Drop-Leaf Gateleg; Newport Dining Table: Drop-Leaf Gateleg Table, Highboy; Lowboy: Mirror; Small Chest Of Drawers; Cupboard On Frame; Chest On Chest; Slant Front Desk; Cradle; Low Bed; and Tester Bed.

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 5): Turn-Of-The-Century Oak Furniture (1890-1915)
Regular Price: $14.00

SECTION I: General Construction Methods and Terms.


  • MISSION DINING ROOM SUIT: Mission Dining Room, Mission Dining Chair, Mission Buffet. Mission China Cabinet
  • GOLDEN OAK PARLOR SET: Golden Oak Sofa, Golden Oak Arm Chair. Golden Oak Side Chair;
  • COLONIAL (REVIVAL) BED ROOM SET: Roll Top Bedstead, Princess Dresser, Chiffonier, Washstand.
  • Parlor Stand; Parlor Table; Tabourette; Library Table; Combination Bookcase & Writing Desk; Caned Seat Dining Chair; Dining Room Chair; Parlor Rocker; Parlor Table; High Paneled Bed; Swell Front Dresser, Large Mirror; Swell Front Chiffonier

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 6): French Furniture (1715-1870)
Price: $14.00

  • Introduction to Vol. 6: French Furniture.
  • SECTION I: Construction Notes and Bills of Material. .
  • SECTION II: FURNITURE PLANS & PATTERNS: Louis XV Side Chair; Louis XV Arm Chair (Fauteuil); Second Empire Caned Side Chair; Louis XVI Open Arm Chair; Louis XVI Upholstered Closed Arm Chair (Bergeres); Second Empire Caned Country Settee; Louis XV Small Table; Louis XV Small Table with Drawer; Louis XV Style Night Stand; Louis XV Style Three Drawer Stand; Second Empire Country Dining Table; Louis XV Style Chest (Commode); Painted Louis XV Regency Commode; Oak Armoire (c. 1780); 18th Century Pine Country Cabinet (Armoire a Deux Corps); Second Empire Buffet and Shelf; Louis XV Style Women's Desk; Louis XV Daybed; Louis XVI Bedstead; Louis XV Polish Bed (Lit A La Polonaise); Louis XV Polish Bed Canopy; and Three Pedestals

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 7): Overstuffed Furniture (1875-1950)
Price: $14.00

  • PART I: OVERSTUFFED FURNITURE: A general introduction to construction and upholstery techniques.
  • PART II: FURNITURE PLANS & PATTERNS: Club Style Waldorf Rocker; Lawson Lounge Chair; Lawson Lounge Chair (Variation); Lawson Sectional Sofa; Lawson Sofa; Modern Lounge Chair; Tuxedo Love Seat; Modern Sectional Sofa; Turkish Chair; Tufted Lawson Sofa; and Club Sofa & Chair.

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 8): Half-Inch Scale Furniture
Price: $16.00

  • FAMILY ROOM: TV Cabinet & Bookcase, Storage Cabinet, Stereo Cabinet with Chest Base, Bench, Painted Six Board Chest, Shaker Ladderback Chair, Shaker Dining Chair, Shaker Arm Chair, Shaker Rocking Chair, Trestle Table, Shaker Workstand, Upholstered Wing Sofa, Wing Chair;
  • KITCHEN: Floor Cabinet: Basic Unit' Wall Cabinet: Basic Unit; Wall Cabinet: Half Unit; Wide Floor Unit, Floor Cabinet: Corner Unit, Wall: Corner Unit, Built-In Sink, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Built-In Stove & Oven, Stove Hood
  • DINING ROOM: Empire Sideboard, Gondola Chair, Empire China Cupboard, Empire Pedestal Dining Table
  • LIVING ROOM: Drop Front Victorian Desk, Pedestal Center Table, Oval Coffee Table, Trestle Table (Cottage), Consol Table & Mirror, Rococo Lady's Chair, Rococo Gent's Chair, Rococo Side Chair, Rococo Sofa, Lounge Chair, Crescent Sofa
  • EMPIRE BEDROOM: Empire Chest, Lamp Stand, Shaving Mirror, Dressing Table, Dressing Bench, Louis XVI Arm Chair, Sleigh Bed, Empire Lounge;
  • VICTORIAN COTTAGE BEDROOM: Panel Bed, Commode, Dresser, Lamp Stand, Balloon Back Chair;
  • BEDROOM, NEW ENGLAND PAINTED Cannonball Bed. Four Drawer Chest & Mirror, Night Stand, Fireside Wing Chair, Washstand, Blanket Chest; and
  • BATHROOM: Bathtub, Stool, Cabinet Sink

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 9): Basic Federal Furniture (1788-1825)
Price: $14.00

  • CONSTRUCTION: GENERAL INFORMATION: Reading & Using The Plans, Sources, and Construction Notes).
  • PLANS & PATTERNS: Occasional Table with double-elliptic tilt top; Occasional Table with square top and canted corners; Square Work Table; Sheraton Chamber or Dressing Table with ring turned legs; Corner Basin Stand; Hepplewhite Gate Leg Dining Table; Pembroke or Breakfast Table with ovolo corners; Square Work Table with ovolo corners; Hepplewhite Dining-Room Side Chair; Hepplewhite Dining-Room Arm Chair; Hepplewhite Winged Easy Chair; Martha Washington Armchair (or Lolling Chair); Traditional Easy Chair; Small Transitional Sofa; Square Sofa; Bow Front Four-Drawer Chest; Inlaid Cherry Chest of Drawers; Small Walnut Inlay Hunt Board; Low Post Bed; and Summer-Winter High Post Bed.

The Cabinetmaker's Guide (Volume 10): Shaker Furniture (1790-1850)
Price: $14.00

  • I: CONSTRUCTION METHODS AND NOTES General Construction Methods, Construction Notes & Bills of Material.
  • II: ELEVATION DRAWINGS: Child's Six Board Chest, Child's Small Footed Chest, One Drawer Blanket Chest, Two Drawer Blanket Chest, Small Case of Drawers, Three Step Stool, Two Step Stool, Carpeted Foot Bench, Dining and Meeting House Bench, Keyed-Tenon Short Bench, Kitchen Bench/Table with Drawers, Three Slat Chair, Two Slat Dining Chair, New Lebanon Arm Chair, New Lebanon Rocking Chair, Small Trestle Table, Community Dining Table, Six Square Dining Table, Sister's Shop Table, Stretcher-Based Drop-Leaf Table, Low Work Table, Rimmed Top Stand, Adjustable Candle Stand, Round Candlestand, Workstand with Cyma Legs, Sewing Stand, Small Sewing Chest, Sewing Desk, Drop-Leaf Sewing Table, Swivel Sewing Stool, School Desk, School Bench, School Hanging Book Rack or Shelf, High Cupboard/Chest, Washstand, Trustee's Desk, Low Bed, and Bed

The Best of The Scale Cabinetmaker

The Best of TSC is a growing collection of "subject specific" books, drawn from the pages of The Scale Cabinetmaker and the workshop notes from the authors of TSC.

While, not surpising, we believe that there is value in owning all 20 years of The Scale Cabinetmaker, finding all of the materials on a specific subject, even with the index in hand, can be a daunting exercise.

Some of the books are either technique (caning, wiring) or period (Arts & Crafts, 20th Century) specific; others combine technique articles and project articles into the same book.

The first six volumes of the Best of TSC series were published in "print" workshop manual format. Starting with Volume 7, the series will be shifting to a cd-rom format. The first six will shift to the cd-rom format as the supply of printed copies is depleted. For international customers especially, this shift represents a significant decrease in shipping costs.


Volume 1: The Toys of Christmas
Price: $14.00

The Toys At Christmas: An Introduction (Jim Dorsett & Meghan Dorsett).

PROJECT ARTICLES: 19th Century Noah's Ark (Helen Dorsett), 19th Century Nuremberg Kitchen (Helen Dorsett), 1858 Greiner Doll and 1867 Crandall Doll Carriage (Helen Dorsett), 1870 Operating Kaleidoscope (Ruth Armstrong), 1877 Bentwood Sled (Helen Dorsett), 1886 Two-Wheel Pull Cart (Helen Dorsett), 1914 Speedway Roadster (Jim Dorsett), 1929 Child's Vanity Dresser (Helen Dorsett), 1935 Fiberboard Doll House (Helen & Meghan Dorsett), 1940's Artificial Christmas Tree (Helen Dorsett)

TECHNIQUE ARTICLES: The Cabinetmaker's Notebook: Preparing Tinstock (Ruth Armstrong) Techniques for Bending Wood (Don Peck & Helen Dorsett), Nature of Cuprous Metals: Copper, Brass, and Bronze (Al Atkins), Photo Etching and Scratchboards (Jim Jedlicka & Jack Reifel), Soldering Tools and Techniques (Jim Dorsett), and Scroll-cutting (Suzanne Russo)

Volume 2: Kitchen Cabinets
Price: $14.00

PROJECT ARTICLES: Built-in Kitchen Cabinets (James H. Dorsett), An 1890 Country Kitchen Cabinet (Helen Dorsett), 1920's Kitchen Cabinet (James H. Dorsett), 1920's Breakfast Nook (Marie & Don Heuer), 1930's Sears Roebuck Breakfast Set (Helen Dorsett), and Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets (Helen Dorsett).

TECHNICAL ARTICLES: A Guide to Joinery, Ripping Stock, Table Saw Safety, & Cutting Joints with Hand & Power Tools, Using a Drawplate to Size Dowels, and Measurement Conversion Chart.

Volume 3: Kitchen Appliances
Price: $14.00

PROJECT ARTICLES: Farmhouse Cream Separator (Ruth Armstrong) , 1915 Detroit Jewel Transitional Gas Range (Ruth Armstrong), 1922 Montgomery Wards Fireless Cooker (Ruth Armstrong), 1925 Sears Elite Gas Range (Marie & Don Heuer), 1920's Wards Blue Line Oven/Stove (James Dorsett), and 1931 Monitor Top Refrigerator (Ruth Armstrong).

Volume 4: Dollhouse Power Supplies
Price: $14.00

TECHNIQUE ARTICLES: Dollhouse Power Supplies (Wm. T. Roubal), Combating the Burned Out Lamp: Voltage & Resistance in Miniature Lighting (Jim & Harriet Jedlicka), Multi-Display Workhorse Transformer (James H. Dorsett), Regulated Power Supply for Miniature Settings (Glenn Botto), Variable Voltage Power Supply (Wm. T. Roubal), Power Supply in a Coal Shed (James H. Dorsett), Using Voltage Dropping Resistors & Light Emitting Diodes (Wm. T. Roubal), and Lighting Shadows to Scale (Jim & Harriet Jedlicka).

Volume 5: Arts and Crafts Furniture
Price: $14.00

The Craftsman Furniture of Gustav Stickley (James H. Dorsett): Celandine Tea Table, Library Table and Chair, Hanging Book Shelf, and Magazine Cabinet)

Arts & Crafts Bungalow Furniture (James H. Dorsett), Stickley Paneled Bench (Inglenook Bench), Library Table & Chair, Spindle Sofa, Greene & Greene Fern Stand

Half Inch Scale Mission Bedroom Set (Helen Dorsett): Panel Bed, Bedside Stand Chest of Drawers, Princess Dresser & Mirror

The Morris Chair (James H. Dorsett).

Volume 6: Hand-Woven Caning
Price: $14.00

TECHNIQUE ARTICLES: An Introduction to Handwoven Caning (Helen Dorsett); Practice in Seat Rushing (Helen Dorsett).

PROJECT ARTICLES: Victorian Factory Side Chair (Helen Dorsett), Contemporary Bamboo Headboard (Helen Dorsett), Late Empire Caned Couch (Helen Dorsett), Renaissance Victorian Side Chair (Helen Dorsett), Mid-Victorian Caned Rocker (Helen Dorsett), Child's Empire Rocker (Helen Dorsett), Eastlake Nursing Rocker (Helen Dorsett), Eastlake Swivel Office Chair (James Dorsett), and New England Fancy Chair (Helen Dorsett)

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